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YanC42 has been discontinued. As you might have noticed, there were no updates for a long time. Many things to do, you know...
Moreover, nVidia and ATI/AMD improved their configuration tools, so there's no real need for YanC42 anymore. Thanks for using YanC in the past!

Well, time flew past since the last release of YanC. I started studying and working (at the same time). Consequently, I had almost no time to do the necessary updates to YanC. Though, in the last months I had some time and now, there's be a complete new release of YanC, called YanC42. It's a rewrite of the program logic in Java, which additionally supports ATI cards. You can use it to change the nVidia and ATI-specific settings in the X Configuration file (almost) as easily as with the Windows-drivers.

Please report any bugs found directly to me: ygriega@web.de
Test-Release 0.0.9 - August 21st, 2005

nVidia Startup Screen

nVidia TwinView Setup

ATI Startup Screen

Current status (August 21st, 2005):